Thank you Steve Jobs

A letter to Steve jobs,

Even though I mainly work on PC’s today. I start out on an Apple IIe with 64k of ram back in 1984. That’s when I took my first computer class. So, I have to say it was Steve Jobs that got me into computers, and since then I was hooked and never looked back. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs  getting computers into schools like he did, I don’t what happened. I know I would not of taken that computer class, because it would not of been there, if not for Steve Jobs.

I remember using turtle graphics and basic as a programming language. 5 1/4 floppy disks and 5 1/4 drives. Dual drives on some of the Apple IIe’s if my memory serves me right.  I loved programming and it was so much fun. Played a few computer games back then, type a letter or two and that was about it. But so much fun.

So, Thank you Steve Jobs for changing my life in a way I would of never thought.  The world is going to miss you, but we will never forget you.

Steve your legacy will live forever.