Denver Computer Support

Top Notch Computer Support helps business with networking and computer solutions. From Backup to file sharing there is no limit on what may be done.
When there is a computer problem, you need a company you can rely on to be there and ready for the unexpected. 

there are many pit fall that may occur durring the set up and development of a net work. Does the routers talk to the firewalls? Are the firewalls talking to the computers? Are other computers talking to other computers and printers/scanners? If one thing above fails, then something is not working. By having an understanding of how things communicate, it’s a lot eaiser to solve the problem.

Solving the problem?
There are times when there are more than one problem to solve. There may be up to 5 or 6 or even 7 or more problems that maybe causing the issue. Sometimes just 2 or 3, but most of the time just one. Can there be more than one problem with a computer/network? One must beleive, YES is the answer.
If you work on a network, then you know what kind of fun day was in store for you. By the way, to thoes who think a fun day at the office for a computer tech is eating lichorish, drinking coffee and playing halo….Well U got it wrong…It’s not a fun day, full of phone calls and when is it going to be back up??????

Understanding these issues, finding solutions, resolving the problem(s) is what is expected!

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