Online Fax

When viewing faxs from an online account it may come up in a program called Windows picture and fax viewer. Only the page 1 shows and nothing else. When scrolling the picture zooms in and out. So, where are the rest of the pages?

See figure 1. The number 1 in the tool bar of the Windows picture and fax viewer, and the arrow that points down.

Figure 1

Move the mouse over the down pointing arrow and left click on it.

More pages should show. See figure 2.

Figure 2.

There may be the rest of the pages in the fax that was missing.
By printing the file the other pages in the fax should show up in the printer screen on the computer.

denver computer repair company may help with issues like these. Was the fax sent and received? How to view the rest of the faxes? Help verify everything works????

So, could a fax issue be a computer issue? The answer may be yes. Why? Computers are fax machines. All that may be needed is a modem and a fax program running on the computer. The computer program will answer faxes and send faxes. That is until something goes wrong with the computer or the program, and there is now a need for a denver computer repair company to help solve the problem.