We all know how irritated we feel when a site loads at a slow speed. That is because speed matters. Apart from fantastic content and appealing graphics, a crucial factor in Denver website optimization is its loading speed. The question is: why does site speed matter?

Here are 5 reasons or should we say advantages of faster website speed:


Lower Bounce Rate

Most people will leave your website if the landing page takes ages to load. So, with a fast loading speed of pages, the rate of viewers bouncing back becomes remarkably less. It also enhances the chance that people will view more pages of your website and stay longer.


Enhance User Experience

A website’s speed plays a vital role in determining the user experience. According to surveys, people prefer a website that operates quickly and don’t wait more than 3 seconds in navigation between pages. Moreover, low performing website with poor user experience gains less promotion in search results.

So, with faster speed, Users will be able to navigate through the site comfortably and swiftly.  This will source happy users who will be more likely to turn into potential customers.


Increased Revenue

It is observed that the conversion rate of a faster loading website is more than a competitor website, which loads slightly slow. A speedier website, especially on smartphones, gives users a chance to view more of your products, and they tend to buy more from you. So, better website speed is crucial to boost up your sales revenue.


Higher Search Engine Ranking

Besides customer acquisition, a speed also determines how high a site ranks on search engines. The more a site loads faster, the more of its pages Google crawls and indexes. The less bounce rate and more stay time will have an impact on Google ranking algorithm, and Google will have an idea that your site delivers better user experience and so rank your website higher in the search engine results.


Better Facebook Reach

You may not know this, but a website that loads faster has more reach on Facebook and appears higher in the newsfeed of people. As a result, the more top position in newsfeeds increases the chances of more visitors to your site and improves your business reach and sales.


Now You Know Why Website Speed Matters

As people tend to ignore Websites that take too long to load and look for faster ones, search engines also work the same way.

Therefore, with all the efforts on content and Denver website design to make your website more search engine optimized, close attention must be paid to the speed. A website with almost the same products or services can beat you with just about half second fast loading.